An amazing trek: “Weekend Du Miel!”


Trekking is yet one of the perfect touristic activities you can do in Morocco. The North African country is known for its various landscapes and different tourism aspects. In a same single holiday, you can ride a camel in the desert, enjoy a wonderful time on the beach and try an unforgettable trek in one of the different mountainous areas and national parks.

Yes, UNFORGETTABLE is what was my trek in the Paradise valley during the last summer week of 2013. This is located in the Northern region of Agadir, called Imouzzer Idaoutan.

The region is also well-known for its exceptional beauty of the all year long green nature, in addition to the production of pure honey with many of its varieties. That’s why we called our trek “weekend du miel” or “honey weekend”.

A half-day is quiet enough for visiting the place. But for more relaxation and peace of mind, we dedicated a whole weekend for it.

We stayed at the Auberge Bab Imouzzer for two nights. The trekkers all arrived on Friday evening and took real pleasure in getting to know each other.

On Saturday, at 09:00 am, came our guide: Jimmy, one of the most notorious local guides. Then we started the trek by descending to the valley. Occasional stops were vital to get some juicy or dry fruits.. or photography!


Paradise Valley is a perfect place for Rasta-men. They delightfully spend great times smoking and swimming in the rock pools. They just can spend months here without getting bored…

In this special part of Morocco, not far from Agadir and the Atlantic Ocean, it rains a lot in winters. Paradise Valley is then known for its water sources and rock pools, nearby which you will find tourists swimming or lying down in rocks for sun tanning.

It’s as well a perfect place for eager photographers. The place is prosperous in terms of inspiring and amazing camera shots, mainly for nature lovers!

There are two ways to access to Paradise Valley. The main one is from Agadir by Aourir. Once near Aourir, take the road on your right to Imouzzer Idaoutanane.

You can take a taxi from Agadir to Aourir, then a second one from Aourir to Paradise V. if you don’t have your own car.

The second access option is from the 7th highway if you are driving from Marrakech. You quit the highway at Argan and then use the National Road 8 (N8).

 The pricing of transportation and hotels are generally good. Also food is great, especially the local traditionally homemade bread, tajines, argan oil and honey.

See you there soon !


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  1. Reblogged this on Camping Aourir and commented:
    The Paradise Valley in Morocco, between Aourir and Imouzzer of Ida-Outanane, is one of the most beautiful places in Morocco. But the place is also visited every year more and more – our request: Try to keep this wonderful place clean, take back garbage and waste again – that would be very nice! … and have fun with your hiking tours in this great valley!!!


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